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Soy Articles

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Factory Fed Fish: Monsanto's and Cargill's Plans for the Ocean

17 Jul 2012 | 86,861 Views

Agribusiness giants have a frightening prospect for the future of farmed fish that could contaminate the world’s oceans in a virtual instant…

Kashi Cereal Stirs Anger - Exposed by Small Rhode Island Grocer

19 May 2012 | 449,178 Views

A simple sign has gone viral, causing a storm of outrage with one former fan saying on Facebook: "Yours is the only brand cereal I have bought for years. Not anymore! You are despicable. Everything you supposedly stand for is a lie." Make sure you're not eating it...

New Study Shows Soy No Help for Bone Loss or Hot Flashes

23 Aug 2011 | 77,616 Views

Is taking soy to treat menopausal symptoms wasting your money and actually causing you far more harm than good?

Got Thyroid Problems? Then Stop Consuming Soy

13 Oct 2010 | 453,064 Views

If you're struggling with low thyroid function and consuming this, stop immediately. The only reason it's perceived as healthy is because the industry launched a campaign of disinformation designed to pull the wool over your eyes. Don't fall for it...

Soy: This "Miracle Health Food" Has Been Linked to Brain Damage and Breast Cancer

18 Sep 2010 | 1,378,360 Views

The odds are good this "miracle health food of the 21st Century" is in your diet. Stop falling for the misleading propaganda and read this now because hard evidence has linked it to digestive problems, cognitive decline, heart disease and more...

Which Veggie Burgers Were Made With a Neurotoxin?

15 May 2010 | 103,093 Views

Shockingly, there is a large chance that your “healthy” veggie burger may be made with a toxic secret ingredient …

Why Silk Soy Milk's Parent Company is Throwing American Farmers and Consumers Under the Bus

04 Aug 2009 | 92,464 Views

A major wake-up call for anyone who is still being fooled by Silk soy milk’s natural and healthy image.

The Evidence Against Soy

07 Oct 2008 | 253,633 Views

Increasingly mounting evidence dispels the myth of soy being a healthy option.

Just Say No to Nuts During Pregnancy

09 Aug 2008 | 87,102 Views

Can eating nuts while pregnant cause your child to develop asthma?

The Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America's Favorite Health Food

17 Jul 2008 | 94,466 Views

Are you, or someone you know, convinced that soy is a health food? Then reading The Whole Soy Story will enhance your education. Dr. Kaayla Daniels thoroughly explains the true health ramifications of soy; a product that through skillfully masterminded marketing has become the health food industry's most dangerously successful myth.


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